Fedor Vs Henderson, magic, how Henderson destroyed the indestructible.

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Dan Henderson’s victory, last night at Strikeforce over the previously indestructible Fedor Emelianenko, left fans wondering if Fedor is done. The short answer is no, which we will get to, but most importantly people want to know how it was done. I am going to discuss 3 ways in which you can knock your opponent out in MMA, Boxing or Thai Boxing WITHOUT power, no matter how good their chin is. However let me just state that Dan Henderson has and always will have incredible power in both of his hands, particularly his right hand.

The 3 Methods for KOing any opponent with or without power:

1.  The opponent doesn’t see it coming ( AKA it comes from a tricky angle.)

2. The opponent’s eyes are closed. (There are some easy ways to cause this to happen)

3. It lands in the “orange” or “red” zone. (Obviously striking to the back of the head or the “red” zone is illegal but the “orange” zone is not)

NOTE: of course punching on the chin, neck or temple is also vital, but that is a given that everybody already knows.

The punch that caught Fedor is one that we teach in our C.O.R.E MMA system as part of our 4-Part Quarter Position offence and it played right into Fedor’s back defense. The strike travels under the armpit and causes alot of damage. It’s usually setup by the other 3 strikes as well. Normally if he was turtled up tightly, the worst that would have happened was a broken nose (as the strike lands in a vertical manner from chin to forehead) as his chin would have been tucked in, however as he popped up to the tripod position, he ended up catching a very powerful strike under the chin, one that he couldn’t see coming (Rule #1).

A lot of people cry that Chuck Liddell, Fedor, Vanderlei Silva etc are done when they lose to a knockout and there is some evidence to say that the former may be, however if the educated fan watches their knockout losses they will realise that almost all of their KO’s abide by the basic rules of how to knock somebody out, without relying on power. Franklin vs Liddell, Chuck walked past him and ate it from the side. Wanderlei vs Leben, Wanderlei was hit on the back of the head, Wanderlei vs Rampage, his eyes were closed when the strike landed (plus it was on his chin).

So when analysing your own game, check that you are constantly working on systematically having your striking (standing and GNP) adhere to these rules and you will have a lot more success in switching off the lights.

See you on the mat,

Liam Resnekov

VT-1 Gym Head MMA and BJJ Coach,


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