Guaranteed ways to lose an MMA fight, learn to win!

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson wrote an interesting article over here and as a well traveled, experienced coach and creator of VT1 Gym’s C.O.R.E MMA system,  I agree with a lot of it.  MMA is a rapidly growing sport and unfortunately most MMA programs are still in the dark ages. There are some points I also disagree with, such as MMA being a sport not an art. Let’s examine this interesting paragraph:

“5. You lose by thinking you need to do more “MMA” to improve your MMA game. Contrary to what we all purport, MMA is really not a sport, it is a sporting event. MMA is really the name that is provided to the mixing of all of the arts together. When you lose, it not because you need to learn “boxing for MMA” or “Judo for MMA” or “BJJ for MMA” it’s because either your boxing, judo, wrestling, BJJ, or Muay Thai needs work. Take some time to isolate the problem, jump into the area of focus, fix it and return. You can’t just do MMA and get better at MMA, just like you can’t drive a car faster and hope that it gets faster. You have to pop the hood and change the engine for it to be able to go faster. The same goes for your MMA career.”

I disagree about MMA not being an Art, however he does have a point, one of the WORST things an athlete can do is learn “BJJ for MMA, Boxing for MMA, Wrestling for MMA”.

It’s the saddest thing to see young athletes coming in, immersing themselves in pure MMA and then getting their ass kicked by a pure BJJ guy with terrible standup and takedowns. Luckily with the right MMA program this wont happen as is demonstrated here when VT1 Gym  fighter Richard Walsh fought fantastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt Adriano Magnani and utilized the system’s fundamentals to defeat him. In a pure BJJ match Adriano would certainly have won.

Some of the cutting edge programs (*insert plug here! :)*) such as  VT1 Gym’s C.O.R.E MMA system have integrated the ranges and created an MMA System that is unique from each of its elements/arts. HOWEVER once you have grasped the concept of integration the fastest way to improve in each range such as the striking range, clinching and ground range is to immerse oneself in the arts that have an expertise in this range.

MMA is not at the point yet where one coach can provide expert training methods in each area as well as providing a competitive outlet in each range individually. However being an expert wrestler and boxer does not mean that you will be able to box INTO wrestling SEAMLESSLY (watch GSP outwrestle Koschek, Frank Trigg etc). This is where programs such  as VT1 Gym’s C.O.R.E MMA system come in, providing methods such as the Core Entry System which act as the pathway between ranges.

Arts such as Sanda, Shootboxing etc are moving more towards integrating two ranges but even then, generally they are not strong enough in either to provide an MMA hopeful with the ability to be a cut above the rest in those areas.

So don’t give up your kimono, boxing gloves, thai pads or wrestling boots just as yet! You are doing yourself a great disservice!

Liam Resnekov

Head Coach of VT1 Gym Mixed Martial Arts Academy

390 Eastern Valley Way

Unit 19B

Chatswood, NSW 2067

(02) 9417 1001


About vt1mma

I teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Krav Maga to Adults, Teens and Kids at Sydney's best Martial Arts Academy I travel the world to learn from the best and to bring back cutting edge techniques and methods to my students.
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