Potential Australia vs UK series of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

If you’re an Australian MMA fighter then you better start training hard because the UFC could be bringing you the opportunity to fight you’re way into the organisation. In this article from The Sunday Telegraph Dana White keen to promote Australian ‘Ultimate Fighter’ competition Marshall Zelaznik, UFC Managing Director of International Development states “I’d like to think that before the end of the year we could be into pre-production. The pieces are certainly coming together.”

If you’re wondering what the process is to be selected to go into the house then here is a report from TUF 14 tryouts.

“At the NJ tryouts, the first round was the grappling session. 30 fighters were brought in at a time and formed a circle, while two grapplers went at it for about 90 seconds to two minutes. Dana White offered to pay $100 for every submission they pulled off. For the rest of the day, White gave out $100 bills to fighters for every time they submitted their opponent.

After each round, the numbers were cut down by half. “If you get cut, it’s probably not for your grappling or striking,” Dana White declared after the round, “You’re probably getting cut for your record.”

After this came the mitts phase, where fighters had about a minute or so to show off their hands and feet to the judges.

For those lucky few that made it to the last round, they now had to go through a deceptively simple interview, simple when compared with showing off their physical abilities but for some, more difficult to show that they will make for good television. The producers in the interview room told the fighters that this is not a job interview and that they want to see their personalities and learn more about them and asked for interesting stories.

The tryouts did not end until late into the night, about twelve hours after it had started. Of the nearly 600 fighters that came hoping to get in, only a fraction made it to the final phase, and only 14 of those men will be cast into the show and have their chance at becoming the next ‘Ultimate Fighter’.”

– Jonathan Cooke from VT1 Gym


About vt1mma

I teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Krav Maga to Adults, Teens and Kids at Sydney's best Martial Arts Academy www.VT1GYM.com. I travel the world to learn from the best and to bring back cutting edge techniques and methods to my students.
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