The Point of Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Fans of MMA are drawn to the unpredictability of the sport. Whether that be upsets such as Forrest Griffin choking out Shogun Rua and Matt Serra knocking out Georges St Pierre, or the in fight turn arounds of Scott Smith’s comeback against Pete Sell and Cheick Kongo’s uppercut KO of Pat Barry on wobbly legs. This unpredictability makes any matchup exciting for fans to speculate on because anything can happen and anyone can make the right prediction on their day.

If like most people you aren’t waging large amounts of cash on these predictions, the aim of speculating surely must be fun. When even MMA experts such as Randy Couture are notoriously bad at picking fight outcomes, surely any outsider’s opinion on a fight must be taken with a grain of salt.

Now when you extend that to P4P rankings the same must apply. There is no P4P belt. There is no way to even out the weight differential between Fedor Emelianenko and Kenny Florian and decide a fair winner. There is no point in stressing over the P4P rankings because the fighters certainly don’t. The point of pound for pound rankings is to take the unknown, the unexpected and the ‘what if?’ mentality of the sport and let the fan’s imaginations run away. Why? Because it’s fun.

P.S. Kenny by TKO (he finishes fights)

– Jonathan Cooke from VT-1 Gym

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BJJ – Sport vs Art?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often referred to as the ‘graceful art’. It is designed to be practical for self defense and mixed martial arts as well as being a beautiful art to watch. It is constantly evolving and the arena in which practitioners are able to test their technique and ability is often in tournament jiu jitsu. This is where the art becomes a sport. There is now a competition with a referee and rules that determine the objectives for winning or losing. The question becomes, is this beneficial for the art?

In many ways it is. A higher level of competition forces you to push yourself further. This includes preparation in terms of strength and conditioning as well as technique and strategy. It also exposes you to a high pressure situation in which you learn to deal with adrenaline and nerves. In competition you are also exposed to a wider range of techniques from different opponents and gyms. These are all important parts, perhaps essential parts, of improving your game.

However the rules of competition are being criticised by some who claim that it encourages a style of jiu jitsu that is effective for winning tournaments and yet not for self defense or mixed martial arts. Also the way the points are scored, sometimes aggressive jiu jitsu that looks for the submission is replaced with stalling that aims to secure a minor lead. This does not seem to be to the benefit of fans spectating the sport and arguably does not help the art evolve.

For example at the 2011 Munidals, in the men’s black belt divisions, not a single final match was won by submission. Now some of these matches were aggressive and entertaining and within the time limit securing a submission is not always possible. However in only 3 of the 10 finals did a competitor score more than 4 points. Even Marcelo Garcia who is known for always looking for the finish, secured 2 points early and held on for the victory.

In this video jiu jitsu legend Rickson Gracie discusses his concerns on the direction of modern jiu jitsu.

It seems that jiu jitsu will continue to increase in popularity as well as further develop new and interesting techniques. However perhaps some rule changes in the point scoring are required in order to encourage grace and beauty to return to prominence in sport jiu jitsu.

– Jonathan Cooke from VT-1 Gym

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Muay Thai and MMA – Slipping, Bobbing and Weaving

Hi guys VT-1 Gym in Sydney, Australia has put up the next video in their Muay Thai and MMA striking series. Using a heavy bag and batons this drill is designed to help you bob, slip and weave while throwing combinations. Give it a go and hopefully you find it helpful. For more go to VT-1 Gym

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Critical BJJ Technique – Finishing the Triangle

Hey everyone, VT-1 Gym in Sydney, Australia has the second video up in its triangle technique series. This video shows the critical details required to finish any triangle. Hopefully it helps and let us know what you think. For more more go to VT-1 Gym

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Muay Thai and MMA – Defense and Counter Attack Drill

Hey guys VT-1 Gym is putting up its new series for striking in Muay Thai and MMA. The series uses a heavy bag and batons in order to practise and improve striking techniques. This video goes over some defense and counters. Hope you enjoy and for more check out VT-1 Gym

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Critical BJJ Technique – Triangle Choke Series

Hey everyone VT-1 Gym has a new series of BJJ technique videos coming out. This serious will show some in depth details on how to drill, set up and finish a triangle. The first video goes over some drills you can practise on your own and with a partner in order to make the choke effective. Hope you enjoy and for more head over to VT-1 Gym

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UFC 127 Analysis – BJ Penn v Jon Fitch Prediction

VT-1 Gym is excited to have UFC 127 in Sydney this weekend. This video takes an in depth look at the techniques and strategies that might be employed in order to win the main event between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch. Hope you enjoy the video and for more head over to VT-1 Gym

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